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The Three Strike Law in Texas

United States[ edit ] Some states, such as California, have seen dramatic drops in their crime rates since the enactment of the Three- Strikes Law.

Texas has had a three-strikes with mandatory life sentence since at least The deadlines are pressing and you have no time to handle all your academic assignments? Show the public where you would be saving money by not incarcerating the perpetrator.

Should that count as 1 strike or 2?

Three-strikes law

We also offer proofreading and essay writing service. Address the following in your policy: As a result, the law has had a lot of criticism from the citizens, especially those who have been victims. The law, however, has been considered controversial by many citizens because of the grounds used in decision making during prosecution.

NZ First had indicated its opposition to overturning the three-strikes bill, prompting Justice Minister Andrew Little to abandon 3 strike law essay writer attempt.

California Three Strike Laws

For example, someone can get imprisoned for 25 years for stealing video tapes if the law is applying to the individual, and another victim of the same offense imprisoned for 6 months for the same offence The Debatabase Book 7.

However, this action would be extremely costly to implement.

Look at federal and state legislation and court cases. The law works in a scheme such that the second strike after the first one is more severe, and the third one is the severest.

Because of his past criminal records, he was sentenced 50 years in prison with no parole after this last burglary of K-Mart. Once you are finished with the policy, draft an executive summary of the policy to be used for political decision making.

After a thorough evaluation, the lawyer will decide the stand to take at the defensive table when facing the prosecutor Better and Shirley The study concluded that the three-strikes policy was deterring recidivists from committing crimes. Although this decrease in crime might be attributed to the enactment of stricter sentences, Los Angeles officials speculate the drop in crime might also be related to better relationships within the community and better crime-predicting tools.

Through these findings, the study weighs both the pros and cons for the law. The study argues that the decrease in crime is linked to lower alcohol consumption and unemployment.

Also, in Texas the law has been extended to include the drug dealers, and the shoplifters too, whose criminal activities do not harm. Arizona Application[ edit ] The exact application of the three-strikes laws varies considerably from state to state, but the laws call for life sentences for at least 25 years on their third strike.

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Although this deters crime and contributes to lower crime rates, the laws may possibly push previously convicted criminals to commit more serious offenses. The same case was found to affect North Carolina and Tennessee, and therefore, the allegations are under investigation.

Crimes that fall under the category of "violent" include: Consequently, if the lawyer is convicted that their client deserves the strikes, they can only negotiate with the prosecutor from only the three applicable punishments, but cannot request for a different punishment apart from the stipulated ones.

Most states require one or more of the three felony convictions to be for violent crimes in order for the mandatory sentence to be pronounced.

Another criticism that has faced the three strike laws in the Texas state is that it is claimed to be boosting racism. Tyler who, in at age 24, was sentenced to life in prison without parole when his third conviction a federal offense triggered the federal three-strikes law, even though his two prior convictions were not considered violent, and neither conviction resulted in any prison time served.

The criminals likely to re-offend are henceforth, retained in the prison, consequently, separating them from the innocent citizen.Three strikes law. Paper instructions: This week you will choose a topic and begin brainstorming ideas for your informative essay due in Unit 2.

This same topic will be. Between and26 states and the federal government passed the "Three Strikes" Law. "Under this law, a person who is convicted of three felonies is given a mandatory to-life sentence.

The law works in a scheme such that the second strike after the first one is more severe, and the third one is the severest.

It is constitutional and has been integrated in many States in the USA, presently, 28 states have adopted it. This essay has been submitted by a law student.

This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Ethics and the three strike law. The three strike law is a statue that allows the courts to impose harsh sentences such as life sentences to individuals who are convicted of three or more major criminal offenses.

Habitual criminals automatically qualify for the three strike law because of the number of felonies they have committed. Three Strikes Law Recidivism is a tendency to relapse into a former pattern of behavior or a tendency to return to criminal behavior.

Many studies have been conducted about criminals who begin with petty crimes (misdemeanors) that repeat the same crimes or graduate to serious crimes (felonies).

3 strike law essay writer
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