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C studied the same amount of time for both the second English and second History quizzes. In applying the cost-benefit principle one should calculate the: D include neither the cost of the ticket plus the entertainment value of the concert in the opportunity cost of going on the date.

To efficiently allocate a resource that is perfect divisible across different activities, one should allocate the resource such that the: B Yes, because an additional student viewing the web site does not prevent another student from viewing it.

According to the textbook, the incentive to save M dollars on a product is A directly dependent on the 50 multiple choice business finance of the product. A studied more time for her second History quiz and less time for her second English quiz. D the average of the benefits and costs.

C only non-market decisions, e. B limited to individuals and firms. Which of the following errors will cause a trial balance to be out of balance? A What caused the great depression?

A not make the purchase; make the purchase again B not make the purchase; not make the purchase again C make the purchase anyway; make the purchase again D make the purchase anyway; not make the purchase again E get widely upset; go psycho E Juan faced a constraint not included in the cost-benefit principle.

C those who explicitly make decisions this way are smarter. C if the average benefits exceed the average costs.

The cost-benefit principle predicts that Tim will A realize he has had too much to drink and go home. Financial Accounting Standards Board.

The number of US households with access to the Internet and those with broadband connections is growing rapidly. Salvator decided he could not pass up this offer and accepted it. B It would be rational for Joe to drive to campus because it costs less to buy the books there than via the Internet.

Whether studying the size of the U. What is the marginal cost of producing the computers Sally assembles during her second hour of work?

D if the net benefit benefit minus cost is zero. Any cost that is dependent of the amount of activity chosen is classified as a n A fixed cost. D believes the claims made by infomercials. A shift the third bus from Route 2 to Route 1. A microeconomic B macroeconomic C economic surplus D marginal choice E imperfect The principle of scarcity applies to A the poor exclusively.

D exceptionally accurate method of predicting nearly all behavior of everyone. E this proves the limitations of economic models, specifically the cost-benefit principle.

E the unlimited nature of resources. E states that an action should be taken only if the extra benefit is less than the extra cost.

Choosing to study for an exam until the extra benefit improved score equals the extra cost mental fatigue is A not rational. E ride the bus because the opportunity cost is greater than that of taking a cab. B an indication of widespread irrationality.

B makes choices that are easily understood. C Did the sharp increase in gasoline prices alter SUV sales? E 1, 3, 10, Cash outflows to governments for taxes d. B an application of the cost-benefit principle. E Do trends exist in the national rate of unemployment?Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

_C___ 1.

248 multiple choice questions in Business Economics

The process of finding present values is frequently called a. annualizing b. compounding c. discounting d. leasing __C__ 2. 50 Multiple Choice Business – Finance Questions.

I need help answering 50 multiple choice Business – Finance Questions Which of the following is NOT a cash flow that should be included in the analysis of a project? a. For Linda, please let me know if you will be available to help me with about 45 multiple choice questions on various business topic (MBA), must be done in 2 hrs.

I will break them down into 5 sets. Multiple Choice Questions for Leadership Management Words | 58 Pages. Test Bank Description of the Test Bank This test bank consists of multiple-choice items grouped by chapter and topic.

Answers to 50 Multiple Choice Questions on Accounts. $ Add Solution to Cart Remove from Cart. Purchase Solution. Multiple Choice Questions on Financial Accounting. 8 Multiple choice questions on redemption of preference shares, business-related multiple choice and true/false questions investigating topics.

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50 Multiple Choice Questions on Accounts

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