A discussion on the legalization of hemp

This column first appeared at TheRecoveringPolitician. That phenomenon has been replicated elsewhere. The legislative stasis should come as no surprise: It has gained some popularity as a food ingredient in recent years.

Thanks to some skillful strategic political maneuvering and convincing rhetoric for supporting farmers by Senate Majority Leader McConnell, the Senate passed the latest Farm Bill with the inclusion of legalizing industrial hemp. But hemp is not pot. The heightened awareness and environmental sensitivity tend to make pot users safer drivers.

There are good reasons A discussion on the legalization of hemp this. The plants are cousins — both are cannabis. It will create hemp independence from foreign hemp sources, which includes Canada and other nations.

By the end of JuneVermont became the ninth state to allow adult recreational sales and use beginning July More significantly, legalized industrial hemp production could emerge as a prolific cash crop that could bring hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue to Kentucky, and many billions of dollars to the United States.

Several states have formally legalized hemp production, though most of them are waiting for the federal government to come around, since hemp, incredibly enough, is still classified as a Schedule I narcotic.

Sales of such products are at the mercy of consumer whims. And hemp cultivation is highly labor intensive. None of which is to say that the outlook for hemp is not bright. This is the 30th state to allow regulated medical cannabis cultivation, distribution, and use. On the other hand, it requires a relatively large amount of water, and its need for deep, humus-richnutrient-dense soil limits growing locales.

The ramifications of its use for types of materials mentioned are more ecologically-sound. And yet, I repeat for my friends that may have fainted upon reading the first sentence of this essayI was warmly welcomed and even embraced by our local lovers of liberty. During the Senate Committee phase of structuring the current Farm Bill, there were concerns of using industrial hemp for CBD products that would not be regulated.

Joey Pendleton for a seminar, discussion, press conference, and rally on the hemp issue. Some legal medical cannabis states restrict disease applications to the point where cannabis is not allowed for some or several maladies, forcing those who want to use it medically into pharmaceutical drugs or black market cannabis purchases, unless they pack up and move to a state where it is approved for ALL medical uses, which usually means approving it for recreational use.

Why Legalized Hemp Will Not Be a Miracle Crop

It is used by permission of the author and the publisher. There are more than 25, uses for the crop, including rope, clothing, automotive paneling and door installation — even makeup.

However, it probably will remain a small market, like those for sesame and poppy seeds. Marijuana strains of the plant can range from 5 percent to 20 percent THC content.

In Europe, demand fell through the 20th century as industrial buyers increasingly chose cheaper or better alternatives for many applications — often artificial fibers.

It can be used by organic and conventional farmers as a rotating crop that helps enrich the soil as it requires no synthetic fertilizers. Inmillion pounds were produced, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization; init was million. We found significant associations between marijuana use and smaller waist circumferences.

That means the government considers it among the most dangerous of illegal drugs and attaches the most severe criminal penalties to it.

More Good Cannabis Legal News From Around the Nation Despite a half-million dollars raised by prohibitionists to campaign against medical cannabis in Oklahoma, voters approved the state ballot to allow medical applications of marijuana. Equally as important, contact your Congressmen and state legislators immediately to insist that hemp legalization is not a radical, fringe issue, but rather a moral and economic imperative for our country.

Here are those three studies: And I concluded that legalizing cannabis would enable our government, as well as our society, to better reflect universally shared moral values, such as compassion toward the sick, justice in our legal system and economic opportunity for all.

Meanwhile, in North Dakota alone, flax was harvested from more thanacres 95 percent of the U. Hemp burns with no carbon emissions and produces twice as much ethanol per acre as corn.

A few months ago, I caused a bit of a stir in my Bible Belt home state of Kentucky when I published an essay here that argued it was high time to legalize marijuana. But my recent experience with the issue reveals that public support for industrial hemp legalization — particularly within the agricultural community — is reaching a tipping point.

While bio-fuels critics have raised alarms at the diversion of food products into fuel production — causing a recent spike in food prices — hemp has no such negative economic side effects. Impaired driving is one concern.

The wording that would exempt growing industrial hemp from marijuana laws was included as a clause in the Senate Farm Bill of Should the business community take a strong stance on behalf of legalizing hemp, it would provide the final push necessary to solidify support for its legalization.

Join The Discussion (1) by Paul Fassa The key state for promoting the legalization of industrial hemp and its cultivation has been Kentucky for the past few decades.

It seems that as recent as WW II, Kentucky farmers enjoyed raising hemp for the war effort’s material needs. They were not only allowed to grow hemp, they were encouraged to so. The legalization of hemp is an issue that has taken center stage in Kentucky and across the country.


I'm happy to see that we are closer than ever to truly removing the regulatory barriers. Lawmakers are poised to fully legalize hemp after a decades-long campaign, setting the stage for the resurgence of a once-common crop that disappeared during the war on drugs.

The legalization. There has never been a good reason for the ban on industrial hemp. It's no more harmful than industrial switchgrass, or industrial lumber for that matter. But at the same time, the claims of hemp activists are often overblown.

It's a highly useful, highly versatile crop, but its utility is, for the. Sep 09,  · But first, the Indiana legislature must get serious about passing a bill. A measure introduced last session would have allowed farmers to cultivate .

A discussion on the legalization of hemp
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