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Dragan Obrenovic expressed what the courts believed to be a sincere remorse, and the Tribunal took into account his mitigating and aggravating factors, and gave him a measly sentence of 17 years.

They felt that it created cultural superiority of the Serbians. They were raped and sexually assaulted while the men and boys between the age of twelve and ixty were killed immediately or they were sending to concentration camps.

In fact the Serbian forces had a modus operandi for sexually assaulting women Abreu, p. According to MacKinnonsexual violence was used so consciously and cynically in a way that destroyed people. In this trial his mitigating circumstances outweigh his aggravating circumstances.

The law is ignoring the existence and horrifying effects of genocidal sexual terrorism to women Abreu, p. He is like Lady Macbeth, sentenced forever to the Sisyphean task of constantly washing her hands in a futile attempt to erase an indelible stain.

Once Bosnia was declared an independent nation, many of the Serbs residing in Bosnia were bitter and decided to take action. This horrendous crime, which was carried out by methods including the cold-blooded murder of thousands of Bosnian Muslim men, was one of the darkest moments of the long war in the former Yugoslavia.

Addressing this problem will help the victim feel like they have achieved some semblance of justice, though nothing can compare to what they went through.

So basically a mitigating factor is supposed to reduce the severity and result in a lesser sentence. From a gender frame, sexual violence in war cannot be reduced to psychological attributes of the perpetrators. In a gendered frame analysis, it is clear that there was feminization of the genocide MacKinnon, p.

The Serbs militia believed that by defiling the women, they would be defiling the nations Bosnia and Croatia Collins attempts to explain genocidal rape from a feminist perspective, he says that women are the ones who hold families and the community.

Later, inelection was held which produced a three-man presidency representing the main Bosnian groups. They all were strong attached to this land by the historical and local claims.

Sample Essay on Effects of the Bosnian War

The Trial Chamber has considered the scale of the crimes in which Dragan Obrenovic participated. His 3 main aggravating circumstances were A. Ethnic markers are things such as dressing, lifestyle and language.

Genocide sexual terrorism should be acknowledged by the law, and the legal elements regarding it should be outlined. Pornographic materials provided the need motivation and materials for Serbian forces.

The mass rapes occurred in places where Serbs were a minority when compared to the size of Croats and Muslims Allen, p. By raping their victims, the victims were gendered as feminine or attached with feminine qualities of vulnerability.

Once pornography was released, more Serbian forces were encouraged to continually assault women. Bosnians and Croats have traditional cultures. He has already sentenced himself. The second part of the Aggravating Circumstances, states, B.

The Bosnia genocide is a truly horrific event that left thousands of families separated and until this day, there are still people considered missing and thousands more without a proper burial and funeral.

It contained enough information for me to be able to know the basic stuff about the event from the The Trial Chamber stresses that the allocation of significant weight to the mitigating circumstances in this case should not be interpreted as dismissal of the gravity of the offence for which Dragan Obrenovic has been convicted.

Hence by raping men, they were degrading them or feminizing them and making them powerless. By attacking the weakest point, they were able to spread panic and fear in the population hence Croats and Bosnians could only run away for safety Abreu, p.

Bosnia is a country in south-eastern Europe that emerged after the break-up of Yugoslavia in Bosnian genocide is the only genocide that women bodies were used as a battlefield. Guilty Plea and Acceptance of Responsibility, B.

Genocide in Bosnia Essay

Remorse is usually defined as a feeling of deep regret, a feeling for wrong doing for sinning.- The Bosnian War was an international armed conflict that took place in For example, we were the first to - The Break Out of World War One In this essay I am.

The Bosnian genocide is often referred to as the hidden genocide, yet it had catastrophic effects on humanity. Overpeople were killed and it displaced millions of people. The genocide occurred between and The conflict between the three main ethnic groups in Bosnia, the Serbs, Croats, and Muslims, resulted in genocide committed by the Serbs against the Muslims in this country.

After the First World War country was united with other Slav territories to form Yugoslavia. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Bosnian War.

Essay Example: Bosnian War

The Bosnian War was an international arms conflict that involved 2 main sides, the Republika Srpska, and Herzeg-Bosnia. Sample Essay on Effects of the Bosnian War The Bosnian War, which was fought untilhad far-reaching effects locally and internationally.

From casualties to the international response, some of the effects changed the lives of Bosnians forever.

Bosnian war essay example
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