Culture and traditional gambian dress

They also live mostly in the Banjul area, the most urbanised part of the country which is virtually an outpost of Western civilisation in the country. The Anthropology of Disease Thighs however, are provocative to Gambian males Culture and traditional gambian dress do cover down to you knees at least when in public.

Gambians tend to be soft-spoken and gentle in demeanor, seeking to avoid noisy conflicts and striving toward quiet settlement of disputes.

Cereal trading between the sedentary populations of the Senegal River valley and the Berbers of present-day Mauritania was particularly important. But they still exist. Kora Land Poems The Mandinka, of the old Mali empire, once dominated the whole area from the north bank of the Gambia River to the Fouta Djallon, or Futa Jallon, a mountainous region in west-central in Guinea.

Mande society consists of three broad social categories: There are variations in the domestic units of the various ethnic groups of Gambia. Vestiges of the system continue to be some of the identifying features or characteristics of the Mandinka society even today in sharp contrast with some of the other traditional societies in The Gambia.

However, that was not going to last forever. About 23 percent of the population is in the agricultural sector, 13 percent in the industrial sector, and 64 percent in the service sector.

Its military is well trained and has returned power to civilian rule. The private sector of the economy is led by tourism, trading, and fisheries. Indeed it is not uncommon to find people being able to speak 3 to 4 local languages.

Culture & Traditions

It is a relatively flat land with its lowest point being sea level at the Atlantic Ocean with the maximum elevation being Feet 53 meters in the surrounding low hills. Each group has retained its identity without compromising its place in the country as an integral part of the nation The traditional kind of clothing for Gambian women and men tends to be long and free flowing clothes.

Traditional hairstyles of the Jola tend to include beads and other jewellery tied into the hair itself. Trade laws are quite liberal.

The Serer, one of the oldest groups in The Gambia together with the Jola, migrated from an area north of the Senegal River and settled in the northwestern part of the country.

Other Islamic groups, such as the Soninke, follow the same general pattern. This stratification is a remnant of the great empires that once ruled the country. They were once the rulers and merchants of the old Ghana empire.

Schoolchildren wear uniforms to classes, whether they receive a private or public education—girls in dresses and boys in shirt and shorts, both with the name of their school featured on a breast pocket.

Yet not all members of the Wolof ethnic group in Gambia feel closer to their kinsmen in Senegal than they do to fellow Gambians of other tribes.

The Gambia - Culture, Language & Religion

For special occasions, such as weddings or naming ceremoniesboth men and women usually abandon the plain cotton and opt for African clothing made from beautifully coloured and embroidered fabric, sometimes interwoven with strands of glimmering threads.

There is only one woman in the assembly.While urban migration, development projects, and modernization are bringing more and more Gambians into contact with Western habits and values, the traditional emphasis on the extended family, as well as indigenous forms of dress and celebration, remain integral to parts of everyday life.

• Contemporary Gambian music fuses Western sounds with Sabar, the traditional drumming and dancing of the Wolof and Serer peoples. • The River Gambia is navigable deep into the continent, which made it an important and profitable site for the slave trade. One day she clothed herself in traditional Gambian dress and made her way to the shops.

As she returned, she placed her newly purchased items on her head, and made her way back home, slowly, swinging her hips in the manner of the natives. Culture and Traditional Gambian Dress. A)In a paragraph, describe the acculturation process that the author experienced and explain how her cultural identity changed.

Culture and Traditional Gambian Dress

Catherine Pigott came from a Western background. In Africa, she experienced a dramatically different culture. The Gambia - Culture, Language & Religion. The Gambia is a former British Colony and the official language is English but there are also several tribal languages including Mandinka and Wolof.

Articles about local culture and traditions. _ Open Today: 10am - 4pm Markets, wrestling, crocodiles and beautiful beaches, the 6 Tours in 1 Excursion is a fabulous introduction to Gambian life and culture.

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A Traditional West African Wedding Celebration here is the second in a series of features about.

Culture and traditional gambian dress
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