Developing a coordinated school health approach

In a prior study of perceptions of overweight factors, parents and students favored encouragement and reward for sustaining child involvement in nutrition and physical activity However, such kind of programme requires extensive planning and funding and cannot be considered as a short-term approach TN Gov Parents were most concerned that their children were not getting enough to eat and they and the teachers were not in favor of BMI screening at the school.

Mays N, Pope C. Family and Community Health ; 32 3: Miller G Ecological approach to school health promotion: Moreover, the measurement does not reflect body changes when a person is changing his or her height over time. However, here BMI Index was used as the measurement of obesity of students.

The approach created a new cultural norm where healthy and physical activity was promoted and encouraged. US Government Printing Office, Considering that the programme involved young children it would have been preferable to use some more measurement to examine any changes in body fat percentage.

Research has shown a relationship between healthy lifestyle changes and improvement in school performance indicators A common goal and vision is important and the responsibilities and accountability are shared between the participating groups Fetro As a consequence it is difficult to evaluate the success of the programme.

Additional information is also being gathered via multiple methods self-report, anthropometric measures, cafeteria record review and multi-informants students, teachers, school staff to further direct the development and sustainability of Winning with Wellness.

Parents were in favor of increasing physical activity during school and thought that parent volunteers should help students select foods in the cafeteria. The comprehensive school health program: The latter was based on the traditional three-component model, where a school health program is defined in terms of health instruction, health services, and a healthful environment.

Programme was more expensive when compared to health promotion programmes that solely focus on health information and instruction Schetzina et al.

There might be conflicting interest, and teachers who play a vital role in a school-based health promotion programme, may focus on knowledge that can be gained from including health in the curriculum.

Focus group themes and statements according to Coordinated School Health CSH model components Nutrition services Teachers, parents and students all agreed that there were not enough healthy food choices offered in the school cafeteria. Physical education and fitness activities are planned according to the national curriculum TN Gov Health Promotion International, American Journal of Public Health ; This type of studies needs to be combined with studies exploring what choices children makes after the school day.

The programme provided a way to help children to make healthier lifestyle choices, and the children in the study changed some of their choices related to food. Parents and student mentioned this relationship as well.

Information about using the School Health Index to assess the extent to which the WSCC model is fully implemented in your school or school district can be found on the Healthy Schools website. Teachers in the current study suggested developing a walking trail at the school.

Get Email Updates To receive email updates about this page, enter your email address: Furthermore, there are problems linked to promoting physical activity with children walking to and from school as parents are reluctant to let their children walk and play outside after school.

The nutrient programme is developed in the school; consequently, changes can be implemented when the children, teacher and their families are ready and motivated for the change.

This WSCC model also addresses the need to engage students as active participants in their learning and health. In terms of making school-based changes to promote healthier eating, more physical activity, and prevent obesity, teachers perceived barriers to include time, enthusiasm, and parental and administrative support.

The co-ordinator has the ultimate responsibility for implementing the CSH approach, and it is not recommended that this position is held by the school nurse, unless there is a small school system TN Gov Healthy school environments Proposed changes and potential barriers to promoting healthy eating and physical activity were discussed.

The handbook of attitudes pp.RRH: Rural and Remote Health.

Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child

Published article number: - Developing a coordinated school health approach to child obesity prevention in rural Appalachia: results of. The Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) model is an expansion and update of the Coordinated School Health (CSH) approach.

CDC and ASCD developed this expanded model—in collaboration with key leaders from the fields of health, public health, education, and school health—to strengthen a unified and collaborative approach. Developing a coordinated school health approach to child obesity prevention in rural Appalachia: results of focus groups with teachers, parents, and students Rural and Remote Health 9: Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) is a collaborative approach to learning and health.

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Since education, public health, and school health sectors often serve the same children in the same settings, it is important to use a unified and collaborative approach when developing, implementing, and evaluating school health policies, practices, and programs.

The Coordinated School Health approach was introduced in an article in the Journal of School Health 57 (Allensworth, D. & Kolbe, L.), entitled The Comprehensive School Health Program: Exploring an Expanded Concept, which proposed that in order to be effective, a health education.

Developing a coordinated school health approach
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