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Some can do it more easily because of their religious principles; some want to forgive but cannot; some let go anger, but cannot easily forgive. Everyone has affairs ;the affair is the direct result of the faithful mate and, the marriage must end in divorce.

Based on previous research the following hypothesis was developed, college men are more likely to forgive emotional infidelity and college women are more likely to forgive sexual infidelity. Although they may be many reasons why a spouse may cheat, females have a tendency to feel emotionally empty figure 2.

Research has reported that men and women experience their infidelity differently, women describe their infidelity as more emotional, where as men describe their infidelity as more sexual.

For example, some individuals may not consider emotional intimacy as a violation of the relationship commitment. Infidelity may not be the worse thing that one relationship partner can do to another, but it may be the most confusing and disorienting and therefore the most likely to destroy the relationship, not necessarily because of sex, ut because of the secrecy and the lies.

And, as long as love exists, so do the dramas almost necessarily surrounding this emotion: Moreover, when a spouse cheated on becomes aware of infidelity, it does not automatically lead to divorce—or, at least, this is not the major cause of many divorces, being only the second reason after falling out of love.

Interactions between these three centers define our behaviors, thoughts, feelings, and motives when we are in love. And insociologist Lynne Atwater reported that fifty percent of women are unfaithful to their husbands. However, times have changed. The last type of affair that is common in several relationships is Philandering.

Therefore, the purpose of this study is to see what perceptions college students have about infidelity and forgiveness. It is important to recognize and respect that some people will be unable to forgive even though they work hard on restructuring their marriage.

The truth is that not everyone has affairs. According to research couples can be most helped when they understand one another through exploration of the stresses prior to the infidelity and knowing more about themselves from a generational view.

Some common reasons men give for their marital affairs are put into 5 groups according to research; sexual reasons sexual variety, more sex, more often, oral sexnovelty reasons the thrill of a new body, the excitement of a new challenge, no burdensome emotionsego-boost reasons feeling attractive to a younger women, being the total center of attention, if available, why not?

Women also have affairs to get back at an unfaithful husband and to experience sexual variety. Waste no more time!

Infidelity Term paper

And research has found that when women are obligated to deal with the infidelity they try to dismiss it as a sexual fling and give no importance to the other women.

Everyone is responsible for his or her own actions.


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Only at". Infidelity Essay; Infidelity Essay. Words 6 Pages. A Dilema for Therapists Essays whether or not infidelity is the leading issue for marital breakdowns or if it is just another factor. Many may believe that infidelity only occurs in superficial relationships and in the media, but infidelity is.

Essays; Marriage and Infidelity; Marriage and Infidelity.

Marriage and Infidelity

9 September Infidelity can occur in a marital, cohabitating, or dating relationship and is therefore more generally referred to as extra dyadic involvement (e.

g., Thompson, ). Review of studies on infidelity Bahareh Zare1+ 1Islamic Azad University, Marvdasht branch, marvdasht, shiraz, iran. Abstract. This paper reviews empirical studies over. infidelity essays What is the truth about infidelity?

When two people who love each other decide to take a sacred vow "till death do us part", a part of the commitment involves being loyal and faithful in. In today s society, infidelity is one of the leading causes of marital disruption and divorce.

In accordance with societal norms many myths have been associated with infidelity. The following myths and their effects on marriage will be discussed: E.

Marital infidelity essays for scholarships
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