Philosophy logical or illogic

Here, only a delineation of the field of logic is given. Anyone willing to give them a fair hearing is, by definition, a warmonger and a sadist, a despoiler of our promised Eden.

PC humor is gallows humor. One can only stare in horrified awe, as at a train wreck, or the collision of two inhabited planets. They can be listed briefly: Propositions are the meanings of sentences, individual concepts are those of singular terms, and so on.

The simplest of these suggestions is perhaps that the semantics of first-order logic should be considered in terms of certain games in the precise sense of game theory that are, roughly speaking, attempts to verify a given first-order sentence.

In any given sentence, all of the nonlogical terms may be replaced by variables of the appropriate type, keeping only the logical constants intact. He is the Jew, the Witch, the scapegoat, the source of all sins and pollutions afflicting the people.

Philosophy of logic

Thus ordinary first-order theory commits one to an ontology only of individuals particularswhereas higher order logic commits one to the existence of sets—i.

The hint of the hellish hovers around such names. Even if the facts were the opposite, that would also be proof. The wry, half-amused, and ironic tone is maintained throughout, and the story is pointless, unless the point is to show the futility of making wishes, whether they are granted or not.

It is meant to attack sense.

Logic vs Illogic - What's the difference?

Ironically, the residuum of Step One also requires the Morlock to believe his beliefs are product of brave and independent thought which he figured out for himself. Other, related problems nevertheless arise in this area. Alternatively, the properties and relations that specify these sets may be quantified over.

Likewise, if there are no possessions, there will be no poverty. The side effect for using emotions are tools of cognition is that cognition is replaced with emoting.

You are told that by hating the bad people, by giving them no platform to spread their poison, war and turmoil and all human unhappiness can be brought to an end.Nov 22,  · Continental and Eastern philosophy are more concerned with having a good idea of what life is about, and is generally not that concerned with logical analysis or deduction, whilst logic is purely concerned with logical analysis and deduction.

Philosophy of logic: Philosophy of logic, the study, from a philosophical perspective, of the nature and types of logic, including problems in the field and the relation of logic to mathematics and other disciplines.


The term logic comes from the Greek word logos. The variety of senses that logos possesses may suggest. The common philosophy, which is sometimes called Political Correctness, or called Leftism, but which should be called Morlockery, is the embrace of illogic.

Now, one might think that thinking logic is illogical is illogical. A great resource to check before you ask a question is the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Logical and illogical refer to arguments. You may have an illogical (invalid) argument or a logical (valid) argument. Can something that is illogical.

I think law of excluded middle makes sense to mean that a statement should be either logical or illogical but in this case I don't assume "not logical" = "illogical" since the author didn't say ".

Using logic means to use these discovered consistencies to derive new logic. Illogical means to refuse to use the logic. An example from Maths: a basic idea in Math is “1 + 1 = 2”. If everytime we touch on Math we do everything we can to apply this idea then we are being logical. Quora User, BA Philosophy & Mathematics, Florida.

Philosophy logical or illogic
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