Pros and cons of the insanity plea

The first time she tried to use the defense, she clearly qualified but was dismissed due to other factors; if the plea is not for the insane then who is it for? It has become more difficult to use this type of defense to prove an accused not guilty or to decrease his jail term. So why exactly does this claim entered in criminal trials?

List of Pros and Cons of Insanity Defense

However, it is not guaranteed that an accused would be entirely acquitted. It disavows the death penalty.

Ina Texas jury found her not guilty by reason of insanity. Also, it might happen that, despite being proven insane, an accused person may still be proven guilty and given an adequate sentence as per the law, even death. In a case Pros and cons of the insanity plea this, the accused would admit that he committed the crime, but would not claim the responsibility for the reason that he is mentally ill.

Therefore, qualified experts witnesses vary from state-to-state. The determination of insanity is often left to a judge or a jury. To plea insanity you must have had no knowledge of your wrongdoing. It reduces the chances of a capital conviction.

Often, it is perceived that insanity pleas are a clever ploy. The defendant might not be sent to prison, although in the case of Routh, he was sentenced to life imprisonment. If the insanity defense fails, then there is little room for any other type of defense to be successful.

Here are the key pros and cons of an insanity defense. Without previous mental record, the jurisdiction will not believe the defense that easy. Because of abuse of insanity defense in the past, judges, juries and prosecutors, these days, have become more cautious.

The cost to hire specialists, write reports, and evaluate the health of the defendant drives the costs of a trial much higher than they would be otherwise.

They told of how he was hospitalized four times in mental institutions seven months prior to the killings, and even include a stint less than a week before the shootings. He was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD.

According to the New York Times, of the nearly 6, murder cases that happened in New York between anda verdict of not guilty by reasons of mental health was handed to only seven defendants. Avoiding the death penalty a punishment that is also being debated is one of the biggest advantages of entering an insanity plea.

The insanity plea should be reexamined because it is a Catch Owen Atlee Walker Jr. Because the insanity defense has been abused in the past, prosecutors, juries and judges have become more cautious when dealing with it.

The prosecutors, however, argued that Routh evaded capture after killing Kyle and Littlefield — an action that showed he knew what he did was wrong. It is likely that he would be sent to a psychiatric facility and may even be set free after staying there. It can help save lives.

Well, the man who attempted his assassination tried to put forward an insanity defense when he was put on trial for the crime.

It creates an instant atmosphere of guilt. History of Insanity Plea The idea that mentally ill people should not be held liable for the crime they have committed dated back during the Roman Empire, if not earlier.

Pros and Cons of the Insanity Defense

While he will be declared medically and criminally insane, he would not be tried under the same circumstances as an accused individual who is in his right mind. There are cases of temporary insanity. It can lead to a no-jail term or possible acquittal.

About 1 in every 4 cases is successful. The fact that the man had no intent or control should excuse him from his crimes, as the insanity defense has been set up to do.The insanity defense is unclear and ineffective, which is why the United States Judicial system should abolish the insanity defense.

I feel that the United States Judicial system should employ the use of the sentence, “Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity. An insanity defense claims that a defendant was not mentally capable of understanding their actions were a crime at the time the crime was committed.

Insanity Defense Pros and Cons List

Here are the key pros and cons of an insanity defense. List of Cons of Insanity Defense. 1. Some jurisdictions have abolished the insanity plea.

And for those that still accept the defense, acquittal isn’t always easy to achieve. 2. A jurisdiction may not believe the insanity plea if there was no previous record of mental issues. 3. The defendant doesn’t have a high chance of being set free.

There are no pros to the insanity defense. In fact, the fact that people get away with murders because of claimed insanity is just plain wrong. Other people have to pay for the crime and so should they. Insanity covers more than just people with mental retardation. It covers manic depressives too -- people whose mental condition can be changed.

List of Pros of the Insanity Defense. 1. The defendant escapes the death penalty. Avoiding the death penalty (a punishment that is also being debated) is one of the biggest advantages of entering an insanity plea.

When a client wins a case using this defense, they are given a much more lenient sentence. The Top 3 Pros of Insanity Defense. 1. If the defendant was proven not guilty because of the reason of insanity, he/she will not be sentenced death penalty.

2. The defendant might not be sent to .

Pros and cons of the insanity plea
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