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Is your organization appropriate to the question? Construct an outline of your answer; this will help you develop your thesis. Do not sit down in front of the computer and begin to type.

The first asserts that there is no good reason to suppose that one coherent set of beliefs is all that exists. Suppose it is known that if this is true, then that is true and suppose it also know that this is true, then it follows that this is true. How well do you understand the material? Your job is to demonstrate that you have attended lecture, read the course material, and understand the way it all fits together.

Are sentences constructed well, with proper grammar, syntax, and diction? Have you referred to the arguments and examples made in lecture? What are some strengths and weaknesses of each approach? The validity of this principle is obvious yet important to examine because the principle allows us to gain positive knowledge about appealing to our senses.

Go over your notes, distilling important course themes relevant to the question. Have you made specific references to examples found in readings?

Is it clear to the reader why the essay moves from one paragraph to the other? Are paragraphs constructed well, with topic sentences that reflect the "mini-thesis" of the paragraph?

A strong thesis must present the conclusions that result from such an examination in this case, exactly what insights are gained? More Essay Examples on Knowledge Rubric Russell explained knowledge by acquaintance as being fully or directly aware of an item or a thing without any type of inference.

In an essay, you are trying to demonstrate mastery of the course material. Since knowledge by description also depends on truths, we are prone to error about our descriptive knowledge if we are somehow mistaken about a proposition that we have taken to be true. Support your argument with reasons and evidence, arranged in a logical order throughout the essay.

Inference is therefore present in knowledge by description because this type of knowledge allows us to infer knowledge about the actual world through the things that are known to us through the things that we already have our direct acquaintance the so called-subjective sense-data.

Answer all parts of the question. Your thesis paragraph should clearly define your understanding of terms which appear in the question and in your answer.

In short, you will be constructing an argument in order to answer the question. You should ask yourself these questions as you prepare your essay.

Knowledge by description allows us to draw inferences from our realm of acquaintance but leaves us in a more vulnerable position. State your thesis clearly in your introduction, and be sure that it answers the question being asked.

Your exam must be the product of thoughtful evaluation of the course material. In addition, your thesis should not be a simplistic argument "African Americans faced many difficulties in the Jim Crow period"but a specific one that requires you to think about the material in complex ways.

In such case of reasoning, the principle in use may be stated: Knowledge on this principle cannot be proved or disproved yet can attain the same degree of certainty as knowledge by direct experience.

It is a self evident principle exercised by thought and not by experience. Have you selected relevant material to illustrate your points? Most importantly, once you have completed a draft of the answer, revise it.

The realm of acquaintance offers the most secure references for our understanding of the world.

Often, student theses for essay questions are mere statements of method as in, "by looking at the history of racial stereotyping, we gain insight into racial oppression".

Distinguish between the correspondence theory of truth and the coherence theory of truth. Knowledge by description on the other hand is knowledge of the physical object itself and this knowledge is rather different from the immediate or direct knowledge.

It is more like we are immediately conscious and acquainted with an object because it is already stored in our sense-data. Have you referred to the historical interpretations of those in the readings? The more time you put into understanding the material before you put pen to paper, the better your exam will be.

How well is the essay organized?Take Home Final Essay. Brandon Bito African American History Since Dr.

How does a take-home exam work?

Juliet Walker Final Exam Take-Home Questions Question 1: I definitely agree that the Brown decision and the three Civil Rights Laws that followed in the s were preceded by the events listed in the question.

Jan 19,  · Use these handy-dandy tips to make sure a take-home exam isn't the last exam of your academic career: While working in groups for a take-home exam is perfectly reasonable, make sure that everyone's answers are written differently or that each person has a different way of getting to the right answer.

Take Home Essay Exam Question #2: Explain Russell’s distinction between knowledge by acquaintance and knowledge by description - Take Home Essay Exam introduction.

Give examples. What are the uses and limits of each mode of knowing? (Russell, V.) We will write a custom essay sample on Take Home Essay Exam or any similar topic.

Your exam must be the product of thoughtful evaluation of the course material. The more time you put into understanding the material before you put pen to paper, the better your exam will be. Go over your notes, distilling important course themes relevant to. BSHE Take Home Exam 1 Essay Words Nov 25th, 7 Pages The social ecological framework was presented in class as providing many possible avenues for research and program implementation.

Take-Home Essay Exams. Take-Home Essay Exams are an odd half-step in-between in-class essay exams and papers. In comparison to in-class exams, expectations about content are higher because you can use your notes and course texts.

Take Home Essay Exam - Part 2

Expectations are also higher regarding structure and argument.

Take-home essay exam
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