Ten most influential first ladies

She led a delegation in Thailand to discuss the issue of refugees from South Asia. Martha Washington She set the standard for first ladies. She then grabbed the original presidential portrait of George Washington and fled the city. An outspoken woman, she could be counted on to comment loudly and often about issues that concerned her.

Rosalynn Carter She promoted mental health research. This first lady was accused of running the country. Her major initiative as First Lady was assisting with refugees, especially the children.

Read on to check out the most influential first ladies in American history. Commission on Human Rights. Michelle Obama She tackled childhood obesity. Rosalynn Carter Rosalynn Carter served as first lady of our nation from and early on it became apparent that her favorite cause was mental health and related research.

A woman of considerable wealth, she became the foundation of hope for the poor and outcasts in the United States. Scholars note that she played a very active role in advising her husband.

It only took a short amount of time for the our 36th president to fall in love with her, and the American people followed suit.

When the British invaded the capital, Dolley packed the silver and other valuable items into a wagon and shipped them to the Bank of Maryland for safety. She would travel to schools across to country to initiate this campaign.

Johnson first met the soon-to-be Mrs.

Most Influential First Ladies in History

But she had a profound effect on American society. Despite questionable results, Mrs. As with other issues she believed in, she spoke openly about her own struggle with drugs and alcohol, thus giving a face to a prevalent but rarely spoken about illness in America.

Edith Wilson She took control of things after her husband had a stroke. There, Abigail Adams fulfilled formal hosting duties in the new capital of our young country. She undertook extensive renovations of the White House, added new landscaping, and even modernized the public rooms.

Abigail Adams She took on formal hosting duties at the White House.

Move Over, Melania Trump: These Are the Most Influential First Ladies in American History

She had a taste for fine fashion which gained both negative and positive attention. In addition she was a Board Member Emeritus for the National Mental Health Association and started the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving, an organization focused on educating caregivers and providing support for them.

Edith Wilson Someone many consider the first female president of the United States of America, Edith Wilson stood by her husband and helped run the nation when he suffered from a stroke. She has expressed interest in combating cyberbullying.

5 Most Influential First Ladies of the 20th Century

She announced her candidacy again in for the election and became the Democratic nominee for president. Her fashion sense was impeccable and influenced fashion for millions of American women.

And some of her decisions had serious consequences. During her husbands twelve years as president, Eleanor travelled very often and made many public appearances and speeches.When looking at the most influential first ladies in history, there are several great ones that come to mind: Eleanor Roosevelt, Lady Bird Johnson, and Edith Wilson are some of the more popular ones.

While all of America’s first ladies have had their impact on history, these are some that went above and beyond, not resting on their laurels. RANKED: Influential first ladies The Siena College Research Institute rated America's first ladies based off their integrity, accomplishments, and value to the presidency.

Click through to see the rankings of the most influential first ladies. Eleanor Roosevelt is considered by many to be America's most inspiring and influential first lady. She married Franklin Roosevelt in and was one of the first to use her role as first lady to advance causes she found significant.

The First Lady's style is probably the most memorable aspect of her as well as her reputation of being popular with foreign dignitaries and the level of leadership she took in the country wide mourning of her husband’s murder. However, the first lady unofficially stands as a humanitarian, participates in charity work, and many campaign greatly for their husbands.

The top ten most influential first ladies all participate in all of these lines of unwritten duty. The top ten most influential first ladies helped to reshape the role of the first lady. In fact, many first ladies proved very influential during their tenure.

Researchers at Siena College, C-SPAN, and the White House Historical Association created surveys for scholars and historians to rank first ladies on a variety of influence indicators — and to reveal which first ladies were the most influential women in the White House.

Ten most influential first ladies
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