The role and importance of the electoral college

The electors are the ones who cast the official vote for president on behalf of the voters in their state. The Electoral College was a way of satisfying both the people who wanted more democracy under the new constitution and those who wanted less.

Do you have information you want to share with HuffPost? Thus, the creation of the Electoral College allowed the Constitution to be acceptable to a variety of people.

Who gets the biggest slice of the electoral pie? What happens if no one gets a majority of Electoral College votes? Those who want to change the two-century-old system to a popular vote argue that the Electoral College undemocratically skews election campaigns, affecting the way in which candidates focus on individual states and their issues.

Why does the Electoral College matter? Hayes became president and Reconstruction ended in the South. How are the electors selected? This ensures equal representation in elections due to the differences in the populations of the states. At that time, the creation of the Electoral College helped allow some people to accept the Constitution.

In other words, this prevents 10 states from controlling the whole nation in an election. Do the Electoral College electors cast ballots along with the public, Nov.

U.S. election: The importance of the Electoral College

They cast their votes then, and those votes are sent to the President of the Senate who reads them before both houses of Congress on January 6th. Bush inwho lost the popular vote to Al Gore by. The most favorable argument by people who oppose the college say that it does not directly represent the American people.

Electoral College votes depend on the number of U. This was comforting to those who believed that the people were not to be trusted with the vote.

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Some say a bad political hangover, others an electoral zombie apocalypse. Not according to its revered Founding Fathers, who crafted a presidential voting system based on an Electoral College, rather than a popular vote, to save the country from itself.

Below is a quick guide on what it does and why it matters. The Electoral College allowed the people to have some degree of say over who would be president. House of Representatives in each state.

The Importance of the Electoral College

In some states gained or lost votes according to a U. This happened to George W.Why do we need an Electoral College? We have just experienced an election when the popular vote went to Clinton while the Electoral College votes went to Trump. Importance of the Electoral. Historical Role of the Electoral College and attorney James Hulme discuss the historical role and purpose of the Electoral College and how it has changed through time.

The Importance of. The Electoral College study guide by jethomsen13 includes 5 questions covering vocabulary, terms and more. Quizlet flashcards, activities and.

Historical Role of the Electoral College

The Electoral College, in practice, gives a little more electoral power to racial minorities, such as blacks and Hispanics, and thus is important in helping to achieve racial justice.

Watch video · How does it work and what is its role in a US election? Save Telegraph Reporters; 24 February • pm The use of an Electoral College system therefore means that a candidate can win. Jul 29,  · the Importance of the Electoral College July 29, 1 Comment Nearly 2 years from a Presidential Election, the term Electoral College .

The role and importance of the electoral college
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