Why giving back to my community

Moreover, you can make an investment that will pay dividends in the future. Knowing your neighbors increases a sense of personal security and connection to those around you. Kiva is an online loan platform. This is not always the case, especially when Granddad or Grandma have been independent for years.

When you take a leadership role, you also have the ability shape the world around you in the ways you choose. By learning to make the most of this local advantage, an entrepreneur can compete with even the largest companies in the same industry.

This post is not designed to help you make your business growbut it will help you grow as a human being and make a lot of other people happy if you decide to take action on the advice here. Often what a great effort needs most is a great leader. A volunteering gig can be a perfect way to fill a knowledge or employment gap.

If your talents are administrative, or if you have executive or board experience, your knowledge and insights could be welcomed at not-for-profit, community-based organizations.

Looking for ways to get started? Also a place to start raising money for worthwhile causes. You can teach them important values that will last with them for all time. As a busy small business owner, however, it can be challenging to squeeze another minute into your hectic day. Increasingly, they are vehicles that enable members to buy fresh, naturally grown foods directly from farmers and producers at below-market prices.

You can create lasting friendships with those you may not have otherwise met in your day-to-day grind. You may be surprised at how your own abilities sharpen when you share your knowledge. Popular TV shows like the Apprentice and other shows have done this as well to help out charity organizations.

I really encourage you to do so, and read a word or two about each of these sites before deciding which ones you want to become a member of. Those who receive help are grateful for the help, and volunteers learn that helping others makes them feel better.

Drop by for coffee on a Saturday morning, mow the yard, or accompany elderly parents on a shopping trip. Last updated on Advice, tutorials, tools, case studies Latest on the blog.

This is a great way that I have seen children be able to participate in their own way. Consider teaching classes on entrepreneurship to local residents or offer to teach a specialized skill that could be of value to those who have been out of the workforce for a while.

If you see a cause that needs a push or a group that needs a head—take the lead! Participate in Holiday Food Drives During the holidays, many businesses encourage employees to bring in unopened non-perishable canned and boxed foods that can be donated to local food banks.

Considering a career shift? You are now logged in. Volunteer at a Hospital Hospital volunteers provide crucial support to hospitals, and also offer comfort and convenience to patients, families, and visitors. Giving back is where you give, and then nothing happens.

The rules are simple as with every online charity. At Kiva you will find projects to choose in many different sectors. We thought it was worth a mention! Teaching literacy to adults can change their lives. Organize a Food Co-op Food co-ops — cooperative efforts to buy food in volume to distribute to co-op members — initially started as a way to save money on grocery purchases.Giving back to my community is an important thing to me.

People should care and protect about their communities. Three reasons why giving back to my community is important to me is because my community has done so much for me, I take so much pride in where I am from, and because I want people to see how wonderful my community is.

Giving back to your community through volunteer groups, non-profit organizations, charity or other means does so much to help those in need and contribute to the common good. You can give back in different ways, by giving money or giving your time.

Our Top 10 Reasons for Giving Back. Some people volunteer to make new friends.

Others give back because it just feels good. A strong community with a high quality of life means safer, healthier lives for you and those around you. 3. Meet others: Looking to broaden your network or find others with similar interests?

Our Top 10 Reasons for Giving Back

Volunteering is a great. Giving Back to My Community I dedicate many hours of my time to significant community service activities. Through my participation in such service projects and activities, I have learned many valuable lessons about the significance of each individual in the community.

As a literacy volunteer, I am given the opportunity to see the glow on a. There are tangible benefits to giving back to the community, too.

12 Ways to Volunteer Your Time and Give Back to the Community

For one thing, if you give enough, you'll be able to use the charitable deduction on your income tax. For another, giving back to the community is an excellent way to promote your business and get the word out about your products or services. Giving back is among the most important and valuable things an entrepreneur can do.

Period. Click To Tweet. And I’m not talking about giving back in terms of “offering a cheap product,” or “doing something for free in exchange for advertising space.” This isn’t giving back.

This is simply business.

Why giving back to my community
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